Berber Carpet

Advantages of berber carpeting

Not sure what type of carpet to install in your living room? Consider Berber carpet, which is available in a number of different types of fiber, including olefin and nylon. Overall, Berber carpet represents a long-lasting and durable option when deciding upon flooring solutions for your home.

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Types of Berber carpeting

There are three major types of Berber carpet: olefin, nylon, and wool. The former, olefin, is a synthetic material made of petrochemicals. As a result, it's a strong material that is heavily resistant to stains, making it a popular option for people with families, particularly small children or pets. However, it's worth keeping in mind that olefin Berber carpet does have some environmental consequences -- unlike bamboo flooring or rubber flooring, it's neither renewable nor eco-friendly. However, this may make it cheap: discount Berber carpeting often involves olefin material.

A second option for Berber carpet fans is nylon. Like olefin, nylon is also made of synthetic materials and shares many of the same properties -- it's also highly resistant to stains and is considered very durable. In fact, it's considered more durable than olefin by many experts. A serious advantage to using nylon is that it's recyclable material and can be used for carpets down the road when disposed of. If you're environmentally conscious, you will want to pay a bit extra for a nylon Berber carpet.

Nylon and olefin represent newer materials when it comes to Berber carpet. Originally, however, Berber carpets were made of natural materials, like wool. Like the synthetic options, wool is extremely durable. However, unlike olefin and nylon, it is quite expensive and furnishing a large room with this natural material may be too pricy for the average family. However, wool is a renewable resource and biodegradeable, making it a very eco-friendly option. Other major advantages to installing wool Berber carpet: it does a great job of retaining heat and remains soft for a very long time. It's also fire resistant.

All in all, then, the choice you make for your new Berber carpet will have a lot to do with your budget and how you feel about the environment. If you're desperate to save some cash, then olefin Berber carpet tiles might be your best bet. But it's hard not to recommend recyclable nylon and the renewable resource wool, both of which are extremely durable and, in our opinion, worth the extra cash.

No matter your choice, you'll find Berber carpeting very durable and Berber carpet cleaning extremely easy to manage.