Carpet Colors

Which carpet color is right for your home?

Choosing the color of your brand new carpets is just as important as choosing the right materials for you. Whether it's berber carpet colors in the living room or carpet runners going up the stairs, the carpet colors you choose will have a lasting impact on your home's overall aesthetic.

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The first step to purchasing new carpets is to visit a retailer. Although carpets can be purchased online these days, it's always wise to visit an actual brick and mortar store to see a carpet color sample. You will also want to catch a glimpse of carpet colors during the day so that, ideally, it's viewed with natural and not artificial light. Natural light will give you a better impression of what your carpets will look like most of the time. Keep in mind that the bigger the sample, the easier it is to tell if that's the carpet color for you.

Choosing the right carpet color for your room

Also remember that some colors will have a different impact on a room's dynamics. Solid and light carpet color tends to make a room appear much bigger than it actually is, so if you're decorating a small room these two options might represent ideal choices. By contrast, dark colors and patterned textures tend to make a room feel smaller but, of course, also do a much better job of hiding stains. If you've got lots of kids and pets (and, in particular, dark-haired pets), then a dark or patterned carpet may be best for you. Medium shades are also capable of disguising soiling, though this shouldn't be seen as an excuse to skip regular cleaning.

The difference between "hot" and "cold" carpet colors

Choosing between "hot" and "cold" colors may also depend on the amount of light entering your home and your climate. "Cool" colors like blue and green tend to look better when exposed to a great amount of natural light. They can also have a nice psychological impact on those people living in warmer climates. By contrast, warmer colors like orange and red tend to brighten up rooms that receive less light and can have the reverse psychological impact, making them ideal for cooler locales.

Of course, it's important to remember that color shouldn't be the only factor you consider when choosing a carpet. You will also want to find something that fits with your budget and, ideally, you will be able to find something less damaging to the environment (though these options tend to cost a bit more). Mohawk is a major brand that offers Mohawk carpet colors for all customer tastes.