Carpet Tile

Are carpet tiles right for your space?

Carpet tiles offer a cheap and easy way to install carpet on your own. By cutting out the middleman (the installer) you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when purchasing new carpet. Think it still sounds like a complicated process? Read on to find out just how easy carpet tile installation can be.

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Advantages to using carpet tiles

The biggest advantage to using carpet tiles is that, much like tile flooring, anyone can install them. In this way, you avoid the complex installation process associated with traditional carpets. For the most part, you just peel the sticker off the bottom and then apply the carpet tile to the floor.

Another major advantage to installing carpet tiles is that it allows you to be creative. There's no restriction on the colors you choose, so you can mix and match and create a unique design. Try interesting color combinations, like green and blue or red and yellow. You can use one color for the border and then a different color for the interior. Or, you can create your very own checkerboard.

You can also get creative with the materials; for example, try using shag carpet tiles for one section and a thinner material for another.

Installation is also easy, not just because of the peel-and-stick feature but because furniture can remain in a room during the installation process. Simply move furniture to the finished section and keep on going. Carpet tiles can also be easily fitted to any size room. They also come with padding attached, a feature that reduces the time and money associated with the installation process and extends the overall life of the carpet. Thanks to the pre-installed cushioning, carpet tiles help reduce noise and echoing, meaning that sound will not pass as easily from an upper to lower floor.

Maintaining your carpet tiles

Maintenance is also extremely easy. Rather than replace an entire carpet when a stain cannot be removed, all one has to do with carpet tiles is remove those tiles affected by the stain and then replace them. Wholesale carpet tiles offer a cheap solution for replacing stained sections.

Keep in mind that some carpet tiles, such as Legato carpet tiles, are specially designed to resist stains and are optimal for families with small children and pets.

Carpet tiles aren't just limited to indoor environments, either. Various different materials are available for patios and the area surrounding pools. Just make sure the material you select is capable of withstanding various weather conditions and is designed specifically for outdoor use.