Floor Mats

Find the best mats for your floor

Although many rugs and mats are chosen purely for style, it's also important to consider their use as floor protectors. A lot of people think of floor mats as industrial-looking pieces of rubber that catch mud, snow and rain from people's shoes. You don't have to limit yourself to those styles if you're looking for something to protect your floors from everyday wear and tear. Floor mats can be stylish as well as functional.

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Choosing a Floor Mat for Your Home

When choosing a floor mat for your home, consider your home's needs. Are you looking for something decorative, something functional, or both? Think about where you want your floor mat to be: do you want rubber floor mats for high-traffic areas, or do you want to protect a small corner of a particular room like the kitchen?

Welcome mats are placed at the doors of your home to prevent mud, snow and water from being tracked through your house. They are often made of rubber or other resilient materials.

As far as style goes, however, you don't have to stick with the traditional "welcome" spelled out on your mat if you don't want to. Instead, choose something more decorative and patterned, or even something understated but stylish. Many outdoor mats now sport designs similar to indoor area rugs, and you can choose a rug that will match your outdoor furniture. You can even choose to design personalized welcome mats to really make your home unique as you welcome guests.

Kitchen floor mats allow you to stand comfortably on a hard floor while performing tasks like cooking or washing dishes. Kitchen mats can be made of rubber or plastic, but they're often crafted from heavier fabric to lend a bit of warmth and style to your already-functional kitchen. Some people choose area rugs that fit under the kitchen table to add some color, but kitchen mats are usually whimsical in style and small in size.

You can choose to design custom floor mats for spaces that are small or oddly shaped. Many people like to add their own designs and decorations so that the space feels more personalized and interesting. Many online retailers offer custom designs for a fair price.