What you need to know about rugs

One thing that's common in every home, apartment, condo and even trailer is the use of rugs to create warmth, style and the illusion of extra space. Area rugs can warm up and brighten a plain hardwood or linoleum floor and give you a cozy place to stand when you get out of bed in the morning. Choosing the perfect rug is very important; the wrong rug can completely ruin the look and feel of a room.

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Tips for Choosing Great Area Rugs

Choosing a rug for your home can be overwhelming. You may be dazzled by the sheer number of colorful and stylish rugs available for both the interior and exterior of your home, not to mention the different fabrics. These tips can help you narrow down your search:

  • Start by measuring your space. Knowing how big a rug you need will help you choose the right one for the room. Measure the area and think about furniture placement; do you want a rug for the center of your space, or will it lie beneath your furniture? This will help you choose between large Persian rugs and smaller throw rugs. Remember, you can also dress up a space by utilizing several similarly-styled throw rugs.
  • Once you've measured, think about the type of fabric you prefer. Take your home life into consideration; if you've got pets and children, you may not want to splurge on beautiful Oriental rugs that cost thousands of dollars. Conversely, if you're looking to set off an elegant space, you may want to go with a more luxurious fabric. For most homes, a simple cotton or wool blend will do just fine. If you're looking for an ecologically friendly option, bamboo has come into fashion and it gives a space a natural, relaxed look.

Now that you've chosen your fabric and size of rug, it's time to consider the style. If you've got a room full of antiques or elegant furniture, consider an Oriental or Persian rug. If you can't afford those options, there are many places that sell lookalike discount rugs that will achieve the same effect. Floor mats can also be used to cover small areas.

If you've got a modern home, contemporary area rugs – with all manner of stripes, circles, colors and designs – will go with just about any furniture set or interior design style. If you want to be truly unique, choose contemporary rugs that have pictures of people or places on them. Braided rugs or rugs made of rags or ropes can really set off a rustic space such as a cottage or ranch-style home.

Area rugs should be treated the same as carpet; make sure that you keep them vacuumed to help them maintain their beauty. Persian and Oriental rugs may require professional carpet cleaning.

A rug can transform an ordinary home into a stylish and beautiful place. Consider an area rug if you're looking to spruce things up!