Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are great for small spaces

If you're looking to install a door that will open in an extremely tight space -- such as a hallway, bedroom or bathroom -- then you might want to consider bifold doors, which slide on a track, are secured with pivots, and are hinged in the middle. Because only half the door actually protrudes when open, bifold doors drastically reduce the space requirements necessary for installation and use. In most cases, bifold doors are able to accomodate door openings up to a width of 36", but can use two pairs of matching bifold doors to expand to openings between 48" and 72". This makes bifold closet doors ideal for most homes.

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Indoor and outdoor bifold doors

Bifold doors can be used both indoors and out but the materials used for their construction varies depending on their intended use. Interior bifold doors tend to be constructed of wood or plastic, while exterior bifold doors tend to lean towards the latter (but may also be made of aluminum). If you are purchasing folding doors for outdoor use, make sure they are designed specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions, including snow, hail and sleet. In both cases, indoor and outdoor, bifold doors come in a number of different styles, including raised panel, smooth, and wood grain. They may also include varying shapes, with arches cut out of the primary material to give a pleasing aesthetic.

Installing bifold doors

Installing bifold doors is really quite simple. Start by marking a line about one-quarter inch from the top of the door frame. Next, install the track on the top of the door frame along this line. In most cases, bifold door kits will come with the screws required for this step. Next, install the guide for the track. Remember that it will go to the right side if you desire the door to fold to the right. Next, install the bottom guide to the door frame the same as the top guide. You'll then need to slide the roller into the top corner of the door before installing the toothed guide pin so that the door can pivot properly. Next, slide the bottom of the door onto the frame, adjusting the top guide until the door opens and closes to your liking. Make sure the gaps line up evenly on each side of the newly installed bifold door.