Closet Doors

The many different door options for your closet

Doors really do add beauty and value to your home, and that doesn't stop with exterior and interior doors. The right closet door can make your home super-stylish, but the wrong one will make it look dated. Most people think of closet doors as folding or bifolding pieces of wood that don't really matter, but the right selection can really set off a room and make it look great.

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Choosing Doors for Your Closets

One of the first things you should do when choosing a closet door is take a look at the type of closet you have. If you've got a regular closet, then you might want to go with finished bifold closet doors, or even pocket doors to save space. However, walk-in closets may benefit more from a regular swinging door, finished with the right kind of hardware.

Do you want to show off your belongings, or hide them? French doors are a stylish option for any room, but if you'd like to keep your belongings out of view and open up a smaller room, you could try mirrored closet doors. The mirrors tend to give the illusion of a bigger room, and may also reflect light, illuminating a darker space. Most mirrored doors are sliding closet doors, which may be a good option if you don't have a lot of space for a swinging door.

If you don't have a closet built into your room at all, you might want to try using wardrobe closets in bedrooms or even hallways. These provide storage space as well as a really attractive piece of furniture. Wardrobes come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so even if you've got a modern space, you can find a wardrobe that's right for you.

Installing a Closet Door

Before installing your new closet door, make sure that you choose a door that will match your walls and trim. If you are uncomfortable building or painting it yourself, buy your doors from a company that will also do the installation for you.

If you do decide to put it in yourself, make sure to follow the correct instructions that came with your particular closet door, or look online for directions. Always consult a professional if you find you're having trouble with the installation; you don't want to end up ruining the door frame or installing your closet doors the wrong way.