Door Frames

What you need to learn about door frames

One of the most important parts of a door is the frame, and a malfunctioning frame can make opening a door annoying and even compromise the security of your home. Door frames that don't function well can make a door stick or fail to latch properly, and when you've got a full load in your arms or are in a hurry, these problems can really be irritating. Learn how to fix or replace your frame and your door problems will be solved.

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Door Frame Repair

A lot of problems with door frames begin when the frame has settled or the door hinges are out of plumb. What this means is that your door is not hanging properly on its vertical axis within its frame, and the hinge needs to be shimmed to stop your door from sticking or dragging when opened. This may also solve your latch problems as well. Installing a shim is relatively easy; simply remove the hinge flap and cut a thin piece of cardboard to fit the hinge. Drive the screw through the cardboard and into the jamb, ensuring that your door will hang vertically.

Sometimes, the problem is with the door. Sanding the top or bottom of your door may fix a sticking problem, but be careful – if you sand too much, your door won't fit properly in your frame, and you may experience drafts or decreased security.

How to Frame a Door

Sometimes, the door frame needs replacement, and here's where your choices can get a little overwhelming. For an exterior door, many people go with steel door frames, which are durable and don't suffer the swelling and shrinking that wood does. Interior door frames are often made of wood, though. Whatever you choose, proper installation is important to prevent frame problems down the road.

Learning how to build a door frame is very much like learning how to build a wall. You need to consider the frame of your home before creating a rough opening that measures the exact dimensions of your door. There are many online tutorials explaining how to build a door frame from scratch, but many people are actually looking to replace their door trim, which is a more aesthetic repair and can make a room look better. If you want to build a specific kind of door frame, such as pocket door frames, it might be best to call in an expert to help you properly install your new frame.

If you are finding that doors around your home are sticking, this could be the sign of foundation problems. One door can warp over time, but if you're facing a series of misaligned doors, it's time to call the professionals.

Door frames are important to the security of your home and the aesthetics of your room. Ensure that they are repaired and working well and your door problems will be a thing of the past.