Door Handles

The many different handle options for your doors

Sometimes, the best way to dress up a room is to replace the hardware on your doors. This is a relatively cheap and fun option, since there are countless different door handles and door hinges to choose from. It's true that first impressions are everything, and new, shining door hardware will draw people's attention to the beauty of your home. Learn how to choose door handles for function and style and give your home a mini makeover.

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Choosing Door Handles

The first thing to do when choosing door knobs is to have a style idea in mind. A house full of different knobs will look eclectic, sure, but won't be consistent throughout. However, you don't have to choose the same handle for every door in your home. Instead, you can choose a theme for different floors, which can match the decor that you have chosen for each area of your home.

Stick to a budget before you go and buy your interior door handles – some door hardware options can be very pricey. Even relatively inexpensive door handles can add up to hundreds of dollars if you're buying matching products for your entire home.

Next, choose the door handles that you want to complete your home. The style you choose will depend on your home's decor. If you have a lot of antiques and heavy, rich furnishings, you might want to consider antique door knobs. Glass door knobs look great in contemporary and antique homes alike, and they will reflect light within a room. Some glass door handles even look like crystal, giving a sense of luxury to your doors. Many people use these handles on French doors.

Many people choose a form of brass door handle to complete their door hardware renovations. Brass goes with many just about any furniture or decor and looks luxurious without being too expensive. If you do want to go with a more expensive, intricate option, you might want to consider replacing a cabinet door handle or wardrobe door handle, where you don't have to buy a specific number and stay on a tight budget.

There are endless options available, and with a little research and effort, you'll find door handles that provide the perfect complement to your home.