Door Hinges

Quality door hinges ensure smooth operation

Although they're often overlooked, door hinges are extremely important to the operation and appearance of your door. Without door hinges that work properly, you can run into a lot of problems, including dragging, sticking and doors that don't hang properly in their door frames. Choosing the right hinges will not only ensure that your door works well, but will also set off the beauty and style of your door, often transforming a room without having to do much renovation at all.

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Choosing Door Hinges

The most common type of door hinge used around the home is called a "butt hinge." These hinges come in a variety of styles and metals, including brass, cast iron and stainless steel. A softer hinge is often used on doors that are frequently opened, and will often include phosphor or bronze washers between the knuckle joints of the hinge. Choose a hinge based on the weight of the door you are hanging. You'll also have to consider the number of door hinges that you will choose use two or three for regular doors and four for doors that will see heavy use.

Next, choose your style. Antique door hinges, especially when coupled with similar door handles, can really make your antique home look authentic. Glass door hinges are often brass or bronze, so that they can set off the beauty of your glass French doors and also match the grill that separates the panes of glass. If you are hanging a screen door, ensure that you buy strong aluminum screen door hinges that will resist any weathering or strong winds.

Hinges are important for other pieces of furniture in your house, and like door handles, can also really complement them. Cabinet door hinges are often brass or bronze, and can have an antique look. Wardrobe hinges can also be fancy, but functional; they ensure that the heavy doors of your wardrobe open smoothly and noiselessly. Check with a professional to see how many hinges you will need for each furniture item in your home. Sometimes, the doors to a wardrobe or cabinet can actually be heavier than a regular interior door.

Choosing door hinges is an important part of giving your doors a stylish makeover. Ensure that your hinges are strong and smooth, and your door problems will disappear.