Door Locks

Choose the right door lock for each door style

Buying the right door locks for your home is an important step towards keeping your family and your property safe. But what kind of locks are best for your home? It depends on your preference, but there are a number of types of locks worth keeping in mind.

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One of the more popular door locks on the market today is the sash lock, which is essentially a dead lock with a latch contained within a case. There are two options when choosing a sash door lock: 3 lever or 5 lever, with the latter offering better security. Sash locks are often seen on windows, and in this design feature a latch that crosses from one part of the window frame to another, preventing the window from being opened.

Keeping your family safe with door locks

The dead lock is very similar to the sash lock but is most often found on doors. It only uses a key and offers a simplistic but also efficient locking technique. In many cases they are installed at the bottom of the door to supplement other types of door locks.

Arguably the most popular door lock is the dead bolt, which is similar to a latch but features a solid piece of steel that slides into a container in the door frame. So long as the dead bolt and the door are constructed of high-quality solid materials, the dead bolt offers a cheap and very efficient way to protect your home.

Keeping your children safe with child safety door locks

A child safety door lock is nowhere near as robust as a dead bolt, but is instead a lightweight, simple lock designed to keep young children from accessing cabinets containing dangerous materials, such as power tools or prescription drugs.

Similarly, a pocket door lock is not intended to keep adults out of an area, but are often installed to prevent children from accessing small rooms or closets. In some cases they feature a key, but they should not be considered a robust security measure. The same is true for a bifold door lock installed in a bifold doors.

It's important to remember that door locks are only one step towards safeguarding a home or room against invasion. Since even dead bolts can be destroyed by a simple electric drill, additional door locks or home security systems should be considered in protecting a home.