Use a doorstop to protect your home

A doorstop may not sound like an important interior design item, but if you know what styles are out there you can send a message to visitors about the creativity of your interior design before they even step inside a room. Here, we'll take a look at a number of different types of doorstops, from baseboard and spring stops to floor mount doorstops and even kickdown doorstops.

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Types of doorstops

Baseboard and spring doorstops are designed to keep a door from banging violently into an adjacent wall, potentially sending a door knob through a section of drywall. Baseboard doorstops will employ either a plastic or rubber tip attached to either solid stainless steel or a spring to prevent a door from damaging the wall. These doorstops should be installed along the lower section of the door so that, when a door opens, they come into contact with the solid baseboard rather than the wall.

The floor mount cast iron doorstop is not attached to the door at all, but -- as the name suggests -- is installed in the floor to prevent contact between door and wall. A number of different colors and styles are available, with the most popular floor mount doorstops featuring brass, chrome, silver or gold finishes.

Like baseboard and spring doorstops, kickdown door stops are installed into the door itself. However, they are designed to come into contact with the floor in order to prevent a door from contacting the wall. As the name suggests, they function similarly to a bicycle kickstand, with a rubber tip gripping the floor and preventing unwanted movement of the door.

More expensive but arguably more functional doorstops include overhead doorstops, which use heavy-duty materials and connect the upper section of a door with the wall. Overhead doorstops are designed with safety in mind, and provide customizable control over the position of a door.

The cheapest doorstop option includes wall-mounted doorstops, which feature a rubber stopper encased in metal designed to stop a door from contacting the wall. These doorstops offer a simple yet cost-effective way to prevent door-to-wall contact.

Of course, if you want to get creative with your doorstops you might consider the many custom doorstops available online. Many, like dog door stops or the doorstop in the shape of the word "STOP!" are intended to elicit a chuckle by visitors.