Sliding Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are sleek and space saving

Sliding doors offer a way to break up rooms and provide privacy while maximizing space. As such, there's probably a place for sliding doors in just about any room of just about any home. Here we'll look at several different styles of sliding doors, from bathroom sliding doors to wardrobe sliding doors.

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Sliding glass doors for the home

The kind of sliding doors you install in your home will depend on the room in question. If you're looking to install sliding shower doors in your bathroom, there's a good chance you'll be considering sliding glass doors, which resist mould and are easy to clean. But you can install sliding glass doors in other rooms, too. They make a great impression between the living room and/or kitchen and the patio area, allowing lots of light to stream into the home. Of course, the kind of glass doors you install is going to vary widely depending on the usage -- remember that glass doors facing the exterior will need to be considerably more durable, since they'll need to withstand harsh weather conditions like hail and freezing rain.

Also remember that in order to maximize the energy efficiency of your glass sliding doors, you'll want to have them dual glazed in order to keep the heat inside during winter and outside during the summer.

Wood, aluminum and fibreglass composite sliding doors

If you're installing sliding wardrobe doors, chances are you aren't looking at glass but instead wood. If you choose to go with wood for your sliding doors, make sure that it is given a durable finish so that it can resist mould and decay. This is especially important if you are installing wooden sliding doors on the exterior of your home.

Alternatives to glass and wood sliding and folding door gear include aluminum and fiberglass composites. Aluminum is extremely durable and comes in a number of colors and textures to suit your tastes. Fiberglass composites are constructed to resemble more natural materials like wood but are considered far more durable and more appropriate for a home's exterior. Fiberglass composites also tend to be much more energy efficient than wood, thanks to a polyurethane foam insulation (or, in some other cases, vinyl or aluminum skins).