Cork Flooring

Why natural cork flooring is so popular

Cork flooring is a fantastic and exciting concept when considering different flooring options. However, it's by no means new -- in fact, cork flooring has been used for years in European countries, from Spain to Italy and France. It's also quite popular in northern Africa, including Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

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The cork used in this type of flooring comes from the cork oak tree found across Europe and northern Africa. One of the great things about cork is that it's a renewable resource and is, thus, rather environmentally friendly. How so? The bark of a cork oak tree is what's used to produce cork products like flooring panels, and a tree doesn't have to be killed for that to be extracted. Maybe that's a bonus for you -- I know it is for me.

Soft textures, reasonable pricing

Another great thing about natural cork flooring: it's reasonably priced. Discount cork flooring is often available through brick and mortar as well as online retailers. Beyond that, it's also quite appealing to the touch and feels very similar to hardwood or bamboo flooring. Cork tile flooring has a soft texture, which makes walking on it much more comfortable than some other materials. The elastic nature of its physical construction also means it's able to retain heat and sound -- meaning it keeps your house warm and relatively quiet during those long winter months indoors.

Another great feature of cork flooring is its durability: when properly maintained, it can last for decades, not unlike standard hardwood flooring. When renovating a new home and starting a family, that's a definite plus.

Cork: great for keeping the family safe

Here's one more reason cork floors are suitable for the family home: it contains a natural chemical known as suberin that makes it resistant to both mold and fire. That means anyone with severe or mild allergies will be less affected by cork flooring and that, in the unfortunate event of a fire, a blaze will spread far less quickly.

Cork flooring can be customized with a number of different colors, patterns and styles. This means that cork flooring can be tailored to virtually any living environment.

So, why not check out cork flooring? It's safe, it's soft, and it's durable.