Hardwood Flooring

What you need to learn about hardwood flooring

There is nothing like real, natural hardwood flooring to beautify your home and enhance its traditional style. Hardwood lasts for decades with proper care and will not crack, peel or buckle like cheaper flooring types. Although it can be more expensive initially and take a bit more work to install and finish, you will more than recoup your costs over time thanks to its incredible durability. And if you change your mind about the finish of your flooring years down the line, or if you just want to restore it so that it's exactly like new, wood floor refinishing is easy and inexpensive.

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Types of Hardwood Flooring

You have some options available to you when selecting hardwood flooring. First, of course, you'll want to select a type of wood. Not only is wood type an aesthetic choice, but it's also dependent on your climate type, which can make some types of wood more or less suitable. Select dark mahogany or golden oak hardwood flooring for a classic look that complements any traditional home, or choose light beech or pine for a more contemporary look.

In addition to wood type, you'll need to decide how and when to finish your flooring. For convenience, many people choose prefinished hardwood flooring, which is exactly what it sounds like — the tint and finish are applied at the manufacturer before the flooring is shipped. Prefinished flooring can be a bit more expensive, but you'll probably find it's a good deal in the end because it saves the expense of finishing products, as well as the time and energy involved in finishing hardwood floors.

If you don't opt for a prefinished product, you'll have an additional step after installing hardwood flooring. Finishing a hardwood floor is important and difficult work, so most people opt to hire a professional. If you've had the floor professionally installed, the same company can likely also finish the floor, but if not, they can probably at least recommend someone who can. If you do choose to finish the floor yourself, consider consulting a professional or a salesperson at your local hardware or home finishing store for advice on the best products and techniques to use.

Getting a Great Deal with Discount Hardwood Flooring

To get the perfect hardwood flooring on a budget, look for a discount retailer that sells remainder or surplus floor material. This is your best bet for cheap hardwood flooring of impeccable quality because it's the exact same flooring sold at high-end retail shops. However, the selection may not be quite as broad.

Another great possibility for saving money is Bruce hardwood flooring, which is sold at many chain retailers and is meant to be an affordable alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Bruce prefinished flooring is easy to install and comes in a wide range of styles and finishes. Plus, most retailers offer expert advice and help from flooring specialists to boot!