Living Room Design

Living Room decor to accentuate your style

When most people are asked what they consider to be the most important room in their house, most respond "the living room!" And there's good reason for that: not only is it the room of choice when relaxing on a weekday evening, but it's also the room where most people choose to entertain their guests. Unlike the bedroom or even the kitchen, the living room is almost constantly on display.

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The basics of living room design

So, how do you build the best living room in the neighborhood? Well, it all starts with a few basics: the sofa, the area rug, a quality coffee table, some side chairs (or a love seat to complement the couch), shades that capture just the right moods, and window coverings. Ideally, you plan your living room design from scratch, meaning that each component making up your overall living room decor matches one another.

Designing a living room on a budget

Living room decorating isn't cheap, however. So, how do we plan an interior design living room on a budget? It all starts with your choice of retailers.

Ikea is a great place to get living room design ideas without breaking the bank. Most sofas there retail for around $500 to $800, roughly half what you may pay at a specialty furniture shop. Beyond that, if you already own a comfy sofa but don't like the look, Ikea carries a number of different slip covers that can transform your living room's look for a relatively small price.

The same strategy applies to sofa chairs and love seats. Buy it cheap or pick up a cover.

The next major component of a living room, the area rug, can vary widely in price. If you ask me, spending thousands on a rug just isn't worth it -- in many cases, you can find a great piece for around $100 to $200. Remember that most rugs have giant targets on them, particularly in a family home -- if you've got kids or pets, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Modern-looking window coverings, including curtain rods and curtains, are also key components that can be purchased relatively cheaply. Again, focus on practicality and functionality and shop around: you shouldn't be paying more than $200 for the entire set.