Modern Interior Design

Contemporary interior design ideas for modern homes

Modern interior design combines comfort and the ideals of progress. Materials such as glass, wood and metal are combined in sleek and stylish ways to evoke a clean, elegant ambience.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Since most people spend at least a third of their days in their bedrooms, it makes sense to put a little more time and effort into designing them. With all the stresses in day-to-day life, the bedroom should be a haven, a getaway, a relaxing and comforting place to retreat.

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You can make interior bedroom design as straightforward or complex as you wish. Simply painting the walls a rich, romantic color can breathe new life into the room. On the other hand, an involved project like building a canopy bed then layering the rest of the room with soft materials and accentuations might be appealing.

Other aspects of the room, such as the furnishings, wallpaper, artwork, lighting and linens, should all coordinate. Ambient lighting is one of the most important features of a soft, comforting bedroom atmosphere. Carefully placed "down lights" and "up lights" create interesting and evocative shadows. Candles of different heights and aromas appeal to your other senses.

Bedroom interior design should be tailored to the individual who will occupy the room. Children, for example, will thrive in a very different atmosphere than adolescents. As a general rule, though, you should emphasize task lighting; reserve only a small fraction of a room's lighting capabilities for mood.

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern design is all about clean, simple lines. Traditional design is more ornate and consists of excessive pieces designed solely for aesthetic appeal. Modern design rejects that idea and focuses instead only on what's necessary.

Generally, only a few colors will be used in a contemporarily designed room, and lighting plays a huge factor in modern interior design. Pendant lights, wall sconces and recessed lighting are all examples of modern lighting ideas. When searching for contemporary design ideas, it's best to peruse as many modern interior design pictures as possible. These can be found at home improvement stores, in magazines and through online sources.

One or two focal points are usually chosen as centerpieces in a modern room. Though a room conceived in this fashion may seem stark, formal and cold, they actually offer efficient, soothing places to live and work.