Ceiling Lights

Which ceiling light fixtures work best?

Keeping your rooms clear of clutter is a great way to improve a home's overall aesthetic. You can go some ways towards achieving that goal by getting rid of lamps and instead opting to light your rooms with ceiling lights. It's also a great way to free up more space in your electrical outlets.

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Exploring different types of ceiling lights

There are several different types of ceiling light fixtures. First, there's the central ceiling fixture, which provides ample levels of ambient light for virtually all rooms. If you're interested in this type of ceiling light, consider how bright you want the fixture to be. Also, refrain from installing central ceiling fixtures that hand too low or consume too much space in a small room. Make sure the fixture fits the size of the room in which it will be installed.

A second type of ceiling light is the pendant fixture, which boasts sleek visuals and works best in rooms designed in a contemporary fashion. A pendant fixture ceiling light works best when installed above a dining table or in another area where it can provide clear and focused lighting. There are several types of pendant fixture lights, ranging from clear to frosted glass, painted metal, antique brass and chrome.

For a streamlined look that offers ambient light in small rooms with low ceilings, consider flush mount fixtures. They're not just for closets and hallways and make for a perfect kitchen ceiling light and are very popular when used with ceiling fan lights.

The classic look: the chandelier

Finally, there's the classy standby: the chandelier light fixture. When chosen correctly, chandeliers can offer an inviting and appealing touch for larger rooms. Of course, the type of chandelier you choose is going to depend on a number of factors, including room size, room type (bedroom, hallway, living room or dining room), and budget! Chandeliers send a serious style statement about the home owners, so when investing this much money in a light fixture, be sure to choose wisely.

If you decide to install a chandelier in your dining room (arguably the most popular place for them), remember that experts recommend a clearance of at least thirty inches between the lowest point of the chandelier and the dining room table. Also, a chandelier should never be larger than one-half the size of the dining room table it is positioned above.