Display Lighting

Picture lighting illuminates artwork on display

Not all lighting options apply to the residential home. Lighting is a crucial part of the business environment as well and is a key element in making both clients and colleagues comfortable when visiting your office or store. Here, we will take a closer look at several different types of display lighting.

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Display track lighting is crucial to revealing the best elements of your favorite art piece without obstructing the object or blinding guests with too much light. Picture lights can be easily mounted on just about any wall and offer a great option for shedding light on any work.

Choosing a style and finish for your display lighting

Picture lights come in a number of exterior finishes and vary in their power of illumination. For a stylish look, try a colored picture light or one with chrome or brass plating. The price of your picture lighting fixture will depend largely on the finish you choose. Pick something with a plastic or brass exterior and, generally speaking, you should not be paying more than about fifty dollars per light. However, if you select something more refined, such as satin nickel, you could pay several hundred dollars per fixture. Of course, the size and power of your display lighting fixture will also factor into its overall cost.

It's also worth considering accessories when choosing your art lighting fixture. A useful accessory for any picture light is an adjustable neck, which will allow you to direct light in different directions with a simple twist of the cord. For a slightly more refined look, consider display lighting that swivels. Again, you may be looking at a more expensive purchase, but straight edges tend to have a better aesthetic that curly wires.

Many of the same rules apply to display cabinet lighting, but in this case the buyer must consider the size of the cabinet and the type of materials being displayed. Shiny trophies call for a brighter light, while something like antique ceramic or wood carvings will benefit from ambient lighting.

One thing is for certain: you will want to choose the right fine art lighting for your situation. Whether you are displaying a 40" masterpiece or a much smaller work of your own, the right lighting can really shape the overall viewing experience.