Lighting Fixtures

Considerations for interior wall and ceiling lighting

Lighting fixtures are a major decision in any room. If done right, your lighting scheme can give your room warmth and ambience, as well as practical lighting when you need it. If done wrong, you may find yourself with the minor annoyance of too much or too little light.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, one central light fixture isn't practical in a kitchen. You may find that rather than one large light source, you need more concentrated light in different areas, such as over the sink, under the cupboards or over the stove.

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If this is the case, pot lights (also known as recessed lights) are great kitchen lighting fixtures for targeted light in different areas. You can install as many as you want, and you can even run them off different switches for more control. Some pot lights even pivot to provide directionality.

When tackling the area under your cupboards, a fluorescent tube light hides easily behind the molding and can really brighten up your countertops for food preparation.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bathrooms are trickier when it comes to lighting — too much light from bathroom lighting fixtures can be an early-morning or late-night shocker, while too little leaves you straining your eyes in your morning routine. A soft, centralized light fixture can be complemented with vanity lighting, each running on separate switches to give you more control.

If your bathroom is windowless and set apart from any direct light sources, you may also want to consider a shower light. Recessed lighting is, again, your best option here, as it won't crowd what may already be a small space.

Living Room and General Ceiling Lighting

One of the most challenging aspects of lighting is covering a large room, or one that serves more than one purpose. Living rooms, for example, require bright light for homework, crafts, work or any other project you might be doing in there, but when you settle down to relax or when you're hosting a party, ambient lighting may be preferred.

You can cover both these options in a few different ways:

  • Dimmer Switches. Dimmer switches for any light give you the power to choose the strength.
  • Pendant Lighting and Sconces. Central pendant lighting can be complemented with wall sconces or small lamps to provide varying levels of lighting, as well as targeted light.
  • Track Lighting. Track lighting helps you cover more space with a single light fixture and also gives you the option of directionality.

Buying Your Lighting Fixtures

When it comes time to buy lighting fixtures for your home, go in with a plan. While it's okay to hit the sales for discount lighting fixtures, knowing what you want and what types of lighting will suit each room in your home is the best way to get the most for your money.