Track Lighting

Why low voltage track lighting is a good choice

When renovating their home, people spend a lot of time thinking about drywall, paint, floor tiles and functional accessories like fireplaces and bathtubs. But an integral part of any renovation project is lighting. When designing a room, it's worth taking into account the lighting style that will fit the colors and accessories you've already chosen. One of the more popular lighting choices these days is track lighting.

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Why choose track lighting? Because there are so many options available, from low voltage track lighting to flexible track lighting and halogen track lighting. Each one of these variables will have a different impact on the overall feel of a room and its practicality; for example, low voltage track lighting will save you a few bucks on the electricity bill, while fluorescent lighting can offer a variety of different shades and colors that will accentuate your style.

Why choose track lighting?

One of the best reasons to choose track lighting: each light on the track is flexible. This means you can adjust the lights to fit with your lifestyle: you can cast an even light throughout the room by spreading each bulb's direction out, or you can focus the light on a single area. Being able to customize a room's lighting is no doubt a great reason to invest in track lighting.

There are a few ways to purchase and install track lighting. You can choose to use an entire set or individual fixtures. Then there are track lighting accessories. Both a track and individual fixtures can be purchased in different shapes and sizes, offering endless customization options. Beyond that, bulbs can also be tailored to your needs, with different colors available.

Track lighting sets also have different powering options. With some products, it's possible to simply plug the set right into a wall outlet. However, with others you will need to wire the lighting to a new or existing junction box. The latter options may require some custom electrical work, so it might be a good idea to consult a professional before setting out to install your new track lighting.