Art Paintings

Complement your interior design with attractive artwork

Customizing a home takes planning, careful thought and consideration for the owner's tastes, dislikes and passions. The artwork chosen for a particular room should aesthetically reflect these ideals. Art paintings may be purchased online, through catalogs and at museum stores and galleries. Prices will vary depending on the popularity of the artist and the venue for purchasing. For example, a gallery will have more contemporary and up-and-coming new artists' work for sale, and will also likely be more expensive than artwork purchased through a catalog.

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Paintings and Prints

For some, original paintings are the only true form of art they want hanging on their walls. These one-of-a-kind originals represent the artist himself in purest form. However, sometimes an original oil painting or other type of painting may be too costly for the average consumer. In this case, a print of the original painting is a pleasing second-best.

It's possible to own a painting and be unsure of its condition. Is it an original painting or a print? In this case, a simple magnifying glass may be used to help clarify. The existence of brush strokes, even very small ones, proves original painting status. If, however, the magnifying glass reveals dots upon inspection, then the artwork is a print.

Another way to tell the difference between a paintings and a print is by looking for a number written on the artwork; it may read, for example, 32 / 350. This indicates that the particular piece of artwork is the number 32 print out of 350 produced.

Shining a strong flashlight into the artwork sometimes reveals flaws and previously painted on the canvas. This is an indication of an original painting. Sometimes only trained professionals can tell the difference between original artwork and art prints, so you may want to get an appraisal.

More Artwork for Your Walls

Artwork may come in various forms, not just the classic oil painting. Virtually anything can be turned into art and hung on walls. A beloved child's drawing may be saved and framed; also, beautifully coordinating fabric and wallpaper may be framed to decorate walls simply and inexpensively.

Photo art is among the most interesting of art forms. The beauty of using photographs is that any amateur photographer can do it. Choose a series of similar black and whites, for example, to enhance the peace and harmony of a bedroom, or a collection of silly children's faces to line a hallway.

Tapestries have been gracing households since medieval times. Many styles are available in all colors and designs. There are floral, nautical, religious and wildlife tapestries, as well as oriental-themed wall hangings made with chenille or other soft, versatile materials. Choosing a tapestry to adorn your wall makes a statement that is very traditional yet strikingly unusual, all at once.