Wall Coverings

Tasteful home wall coverings for your living room and bedrooms

Wall coverings are the perfect way to stylize and personalize a home. Unlike furniture, wall coverings take up virtually no living space yet are equally as important, if not more, in turning a house into a comfortable home.

Murals and Stencils

Murals are either works of art painted directly onto the entire wall, or wallpaper scenes that envelope the whole wall. Either way, the result is a fascinating conversation piece, and it is generally the center of focus for a room.

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Themes for wall murals are endless, the only limit being the consumer's imagination. Natural, outdoor themes are wildly popular, as it is a common human urge to be in tune with the environment. Even those who tend toward the more abstract style of decor will find stylized nature themes to suit their tastes. Geometric designs and exotic scenery are also best sellers.

Stencils involve a bit more time and energy than wallpaper murals. Using a template, the stencil artist creates highly customized designs over top of the original wall paint. Themes for wall stencils are similar to mural themes; however, they tend to be smaller in scale and can be quite ornate.

More Wall Covering Ideas

In addition to murals and stencils, homeowners may choose to use wallpaper or paint to create just the right look for a room and enhance this with personalized artwork. This artwork might take the form of wall hangings and range from Jacquard tapestries to metal art sculptures.

Bathrooms are a unique room in the home in that there is an abundant array of options for bathroom wall coverings. It is necessary for any wall covering in the bathroom to be water resistant and in some places, waterproof. Because of this, ceramic tile is a classic choice for bathrooms walls as well as floors. Tiles can be easily cleaned and are also resistant to fading. The use of glass block is a modern choice but usually requires the skills of a mason.

In the past, wall plaques were used mainly for outdoor decoration; however, because they are becoming more popular, consumers are using them to customize the interior of their homes as well. Wall plaques are manufactured to suit a variety of needs and are made in materials such as wood, stone, pewter and other metals. Nature and exotic civilizations are often popular themes. Some wall plaques are etched with words of wisdom with the intent of evoking inspiration and contentment in the home dweller.