Wall Tile

Decorative wall tile adds interest and depth

Hoping to save a few bucks on that upcoming renovation? One sure-fire way to do that is to install your very own wall tile. But is such a process to tough for the average handy-man? Of course not, and with this guide we can show you how to go from point A to Z.

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Considering different wall tile materials

The first thing you need to consider is the type of wall tile you want to use. Make sure that a salesperson helps you find tiles specifically meant for wall installation. In many cases, tiles won't be marked clearly, and choosing the wrong kind of material will lead to headaches.

Here's another tip -- if you're doing this project yourself (and you're not a professional), stay away from glass wall tiles. They're just too hard to install. The better option: ceramic wall tile, which is much more durable, costs less and is available in all kinds of different colors.

The next step is to purchase the right equipment, which means picking up goggles and gloves.

Getting started with your wall tile project

Before starting, remove all extra paint and remove wallpaper. Sand any glossy walls. Patch holes prior to installation, because these can affect how the tiles stick to the wall's surface.

Before you get started, make a plan for your tile installation. For example, if you're using kitchen wall tile and have some space to play with, lay the tiles on the ground before and see how each color and design fit together. This is especially important if you've chosen more expensive decorative wall tile.

Once you start the installation, ensure that each tile is placed squarely and evenly. The best way to do this is to start at the center of the wall and move outwards from there. Use a level and, if necessary, spacers to help create even grout lines. If you're looking to save time, pick up ceramic tiles with built-in spacers.

The final step is grouting the tiles, making sure they stay in place. You don't want to ruin that brand new art tile wall! If you're working on a bathroom unit, remember to let the grout dry before applying any sealer.