Home wallpaper tips for do-it-yourselfers

Wallpaper is one of the most popular ways to improve the look and style of any home. In contrast with paint, wallpaper provides a nearly endless array of designs and textures. Developed just after the Middle Ages in Europe, wallpaper was an alternative to tapestries, which were far more expensive.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Different rooms in a home require different types of wallpaper. Kitchen wallpaper and bathroom wallpaper need to be especially durable due to grease buildup and food splatters in the kitchen, and high levels of humidity in the bathroom. Vinyl-coated wallpaper is especially suited for use in these areas. It is easily scrubbed clean and resists humidity, which means it won't bulge, bubble up or peel. This type of wallpaper is also recommended for converted basements, as moisture may be a problem in that area as well.

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Living room wallpaper does not require the same level of durability, so a coated fabric wallpaper may be used. This type of wallpaper is less scrubbable because the decorative part of the paper is over the coating; however, the result is a softer, more aesthetic texture and appeal.

Wallpaper Styles

Wallpaper is so versatile; there is a style to suit any room in a home. A current trend in interior design is to create an accent wall by covering just one wall in a room with a boldly colored and patterned wallpaper. This creates a dramatic, fashion-forward look, especially when the furniture, flooring and lighting in the room is kept very simple.

Often consumers like to match wallpaper themes to the function of the room. For example, kitchen wallpaper might boast a culinary design along wallpaper borders, and colorful stripes down the main length of the wall. Coffee, tea, food, and wine bottles might be featured in kitchen wallpaper as well.

Bathroom wallpapers can range from whimsical to bold in every color under the sun. Popular designs include tropical fish, seashells, geometric shapes and florals. Because bathrooms are often smaller than the average room, wallpaper is a good way to brighten the area and keep it looking new and clean.

When considering a child's room, it's always best to get the child's opinion as to what they'd like to see on their walls. Disney wallpaper is very popular these days, along with pastel or bold polka dots and animals. Blues and pinks are often used in nurseries, with accenting wallpaper borders of teddy bears, ABCs or cute bugs and butterflies.

Discount wallpaper may be the best option for those on a tight budget. High-quality wallpaper is often heavily discounted when a pattern is discontinued. If not enough of one style of wallpaper can be found, consider a coordinating wallpaper as an accent. A little creativity will go a long way to covering your walls with flair.