Window Treatments

Great treatment ideas for your windows

For every room and every style, there's a perfect window shading. Contemporary window treatments tend to be simple and are typically colored to match the window trim. If you favor a classical interior decoration style, opt for window coverings made from luxurious fabrics like silk and linen that drape down to ground level. Cotton coverings of short to medium length are the order of the day if you favor a moderate, casual look.

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Window Coverings for Every Room

Once you've decided on a style, it's time to consider the specific needs and design challenges presented by each room in your home. After all, bay window treatments for the living room will differ greatly from window shadings for the bedroom, even if both are crafted in a contemporary style.

In the bedroom, you should choose window treatments that offer excellent privacy and light blockage. Thicker, darker fabrics work well if you prefer pull-down window shades; if you like blinds, select a set with thick slats to prevent light from leaking in. Custom window treatments are common in bedrooms, too, since they allow you full control over both the style and the degree of light blockage.

For your bathroom, privacy is not the only issue – you'll also need window treatments that won't warp or bend when exposed to high levels of humidity. One of the most popular custom window treatments for bathrooms is a set of café shutters that allow you to vent the room while maintaining your privacy.

Static window coverings like wooden shades are common in kitchens, where stain and heat resistance are key considerations. Wood is also an easy material to clean, and vinyl also makes a great choice in the kitchen – both are low-maintenance and highly durable.

In large spaces like living rooms, you want to let a lot of light in but still have the ability to reduce or eliminate it. Too much sunlight can generate a lot of heat and damage your furniture and carpets. Thus, you'll need window coverings that allow you to diffuse the light coming in. Sheer and semi-sheer curtains and shades make ideal living room window treatments.

Shopping Tips for Window Treatments

When you're shopping for window coverings, it helps to have an understanding of current trends. Right now, color is in, and more and more consumers are favoring highly textured window treatments. Regardless of your preference, look for products that let you soften direct light to the desired degree and match with your pre-existing decor.

If you're seeking discount window treatments, shopping online holds countless possibilities. Internet-based retailers tend to have lower overhead costs than traditional businesses, allowing them to lower their bottom-line prices. Just make sure you're protected in terms of your warranty and your ability to return the items for a refund or exchange in the event you're not satisfied.