Find out what you need to know about curtains

Putting in a new set of living room or kitchen curtains can liven up the decor of your entire home. Even better, window curtains are inexpensive and simple to install, making them the ideal weekend project for do-it-yourself home renovation on the cheap!

Traditional Pleated Curtains

Window curtains come in all colors, fabrics and designs, so it's easy to pick the curtains that will look perfect in your home. But first, you may want to get familiar with some basic curtain terminology. The most common type of curtain is the pleated or gathered curtain. These window dressings create an attractive, traditional look in any home, and the thick, solid-colored fabric is usually formed into scalloped folds that are good at blocking excessive sunlight.

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Modern Eyelet Window Curtains

Another popular style is the eyelet curtain. More modern than pleated window treatments, eyelet curtains are attached to rods or curtain tracks via fabric strips. They can have pleats similar to traditional curtains, but they generally feature flat, solid or patterned fabric. Because eyelet curtains feature such a simple design, they are easy to sew using supplies from a fabric retailer – or if you aren't interested in sewing, eyelet discount curtains can be purchased inexpensively and installed in a matter of minutes.

To complete your modern look, why not add beaded curtains, as well? Install a subtly glittering beaded curtain behind your eyelet curtain so it will catch people's eyes as they walk by. Of course, beaded curtains are also an attractive addition to the interior of your home and can be hung in any doorway.

Homey Country Curtains

Finally, another possibility is the increasingly popular country curtain. These specialty window treatments come in a variety of soft hues and classic floral, plaid and ticking stripe patterns. Some country curtains are even designed to resemble colorful country-style quilts! They are often used as kitchen curtains, since they complement casual kitchen decor. Country curtains can also easily be dressed up with window toppers such as pleated valances, swags, and festoons and jabots. For an even more cozy appeal, pick your style of curtain and add lace, additional pleating, decorative tiebacks or balloon valances.

Keep in mind the fact that it's best to stick to simple, short fabrics in the case of kitchen curtains to ensure safety, but other than that, there are truly no limits to the decorative look you can achieve with these versatile window treatments.