Find out what you need to know about drapes

Matching drapes not only create a cohesive look for your home but also serve the valuable purpose of modulating sun exposure and adding additional insulation. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and styles to fit any interior.

Selecting Pencil and Pinch Pleated Drapes

Most curtain drapes on the market incorporate some type of folding or pleating. The function of pleating is to enhance insulation and protect drapes from collecting dust – of course, it also adds an attractive decorative touch! The classic pleat is called the pinch pleat, and has a standard wide-scalloped pleat that can be embellished by the triple-pinch decorative technique. Another appealing pleat is the pencil pleat, which is so-named because each pleat is about the width of a pencil. These neat scallops add a distinctive look to any home.

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If you're looking for a window treatment that is a cross between pencil and pinch pleats, the reflections line from Croscill drapes may do the trick. These lustrous satin curtains feature a waterfall of pencil and pinch pleats as well as a luxurious cascading valance.

Selecting Window Panels

If you're looking for a simple, attractive window treatment that doesn't look too fussy and is easy to install yourself, look no further than window panels. These drapes are composed of a single layer of straight cloth that is easily mounted on a rod above the window. Generally, these types of curtains have no pleats, lace or other decorative elements, which means that they look great in homes with modern decor, kitchens, utility rooms, children's rooms and more. Window panels are also easy to sew yourself if you have any inclination – all you need are some simple sewing supplies, a few yards of fabric, and curtain rods.

Selecting Insulated Drapes

If you're more interested in the functionality of your window treatments, thermal drapes are a great choice. They're especially important in climates with heat and cold extremes, because they help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The end result is that you save on heating and air conditioning, which can add up to hundreds of dollars over the life of your curtains! Of course, there are also a number of attractive options available so that your insulated curtains look great, as well.